What Supplies Do You Need For Microblading?

Microblading has become one of the most popular long-lasting beauty treatments for good reason. It’s convenient, it looks gorgeous, and it’s perfect for people who have spent their early ‘00s plucking out all their brow hairs! If you’re thinking of starting your own permanent makeup business, here’s all you need in your microblading kit:


Blades are some of the most essential parts of microblading. This essential equipment should be high-quality so that it doesn’t break with a little bit of extra pressure. The blades are used for making micro-incisions in the epidermis and inserting pigment into those cuts. They’re almost like your hand’s extension while working with brows, so it’s important to invest in something that can give amazing results.


Microblading calipers are extremely useful for making precise measurements of your client’s eyebrows. They’ll help you create the ideal brow shape by finding the ultimate symmetry between both brows.


The pigment is a crucial ingredient for microblading eyebrows. It’s important to get a large variety of colors and shades to work with different skin tones and hair colors. The right pigment can change the entire outcome of the overall look, so make sure that you get a high-quality pigment to ensure that your client’s brows last for a long time.

Universal holder

A universal holder can fit any blade in your micro-blade collection and is an essential part of any microblading toolkit. This tool will help you create the cuts that you need to insert pigment, making it an imperative decision to choose a top-notch product with a good lifespan. Make sure that the material is easy to sterilize and light enough to use without any cramping or other issues.

Marking pen

Marking pens help you create the perfect brow shape before you start microblading. This essential item helps you and your client decide on the right shape of their brows and can be easily removed to make any changes before the permanent pigment is inserted. Be careful about picking a pen that is long-lasting, precise, and won’t smudge.

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