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Lip Blushing 101: Everything to Know About the Popular Lip Color Tattoo

If you have a busy routine like most of us, makeup every day does start to feel like a hassle at some point. That's where permanent makeup and cosmetic tattoos come in;  a Godsend that has revolutionized the beauty industry over the years, permanent makeup is truly a blessing.

Earlier, it was permanent makeup for eyebrows that took everyone by storm. And now, there's a new hot-selling cake called lip color tattoo or lip blushing. Lip color tattoos are the latest hit in the permanent makeup (PMU) industry, a permanent makeup fix that requires touch-ups once every five years.

Giving it a thought? Read this blog to learn everything about permanent lip color tattoos.

What is Lip Blushing / Lip Color Tattoo?

A micro-pigmentation process, lip color tattoo is a tattooing technique that enhances lips' color and makes your lips look plumper. A skilled permanent makeup artist uses a tattoo gun to fill in the desired color in your lips and make them appear blushed, fuller, and gorgeous.

The Benefits

Here are the benefits that have made lip color tattoos one of the most popular permanent makeup trends.


The best part about the lip blushing technique is that it allows people to have fuller and plumper lips without invasive lip injections and Botox procedures. You can get your lip color tattoo with minimal discomfort and quick recovery of seven days.

Easy Maintenance

Lip color tattoos need a touch-up after five to seven years. This, of course, depends on your aftercare and routine, but maintaining lip color tattoos isn't a problem for anyone.

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The cost of lip blushing ranges from $400 to $800. This may seem like a huge cost, but if you look at the long-term benefits and the money you can save buying lip cosmetics, this is a great deal.

Ideal for People with Lip Trauma

People who have suffered facial traumas and injuries leading to lip damage can benefit from lip color tattoos. It's also known as a paramedical procedure.

The Procedure

Here's the process of getting lip blushing done:

  1. Consultation: the aesthetician will consult you about aftercare, your choice of lips, and the procedure.
  2. Preparation: a numbing cream and/or moisturizer will be applied to your lips before starting.
  3. Lip Tattoo Filling: it will take up to two hours for the PMU artist to fill the lip color tattoo.
  4. Aftercare: You'll be briefed about the aftercareand dos and don'ts post-procedure.

Some Considerations

You should be cautious or avoid getting lip color tattoos if:

  1. You're pregnant or breastfeeding
  2. Have autoimmune disorders
  3. Have diabetes
  4. Have skin conditions or a history of lip sores.

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