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How to Keep Your Lips Pink and Healthy

Everyone wants to achieve perfect, kissable lips, but not everyone is as blessed as others in that department. Pink and plump lips seem to be all the craze these days, but you can’t achieve them without a little extra TLC every day. From using berry scrubs to using a permanent makeup machine, here’s how you can get rosy and healthy lips!

Exfoliate often

Exfoliation is the #1 way to perfect skin across your body, including your lips. Ditch the overpriced scrubs with questionable ingredients from the store and make your own using two teaspoons of honey, sugar, almond oil, and some crushed berries. Scrub your lips gently to help the sugar remove any dead skin while the oil and honey moisturize everything. The berries are great for providing a natural pink tint and serving as an antioxidant to keep your lips looking healthy as you age.

Use sunscreen

According to a study, only 37% of people using sunscreen also use it for their mouths. Get a lip balm with a minimum SPF of 15 and apply it as frequently as possible when you’re outside. Sun damage is enemy number one when it comes to wrinkles, dark skin, and dryness.

Go for organic lipsticks

Long-stay lipsticks tend to include a lot of chemicals that can dry your lips out and cause them to get darker over time. Go for lipsticks with natural ingredients, even if they might not last as long. It’s better to reapply your lipstick several times a day than must worry about dark, unattractive lips forever.

Stop smoking

Smoking can cause your lips to darken, as well as a myriad of other harmful side effects. It can also cause premature lines and wrinkles to develop around your mouth as you pucker up to inhale. Smoking in general can cause your skin to show signs of aging rather fast.

Get permanent lip color

If you want to show off gorgeous, petal pink lips all the time without having to go through the effort of putting on lipstick, you can get permanent makeup done on your lips! Permanent lipstick can easily last for years with proper care and can even help you even out your lips or make them look thicker than they actually are.

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We’ve got top-notch permanent makeup products

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