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Eyelash Extensions Styles: A Complete Guide

Eyelashes are like a frame for your eyes—the right frame can enhance the beauty of a piece of art. Similarly, the right length, thickness, and placement of eyelash extensions can make your eyes appear wider, more awake, and overall, more attractive. It’s easy to get confused about the kind of eyelash extensions that you should get with so many different styles available.

Get a mascara spoolie ready and check out these gorgeous eyelash extension styles:

Cat eye

The cat eye look is extremely popular in the beauty world. This style of extension starts out extremely short around the inner corner of your eye and gets longer as it travels toward the outer part. This results in a lifted, angled look that looks great with almost any eye shape. You can get it to look natural or more dramatic; it’s entirely up to you!

A pro lash technician can make your eyes look even more lifted by using short extensions right above your eye’s outer corner. If the lashes at the outer corner are too long, it can make your eyes appear downturned.

Doll style

Doll-style eyelash extensions give an open-eyed, adorable look that falls between subtle and dramatic. In this style, the longest lashes are placed at the center of your eye, right above your iris. They get shorter as they travel toward the inner corner and are medium length at the outer corners.

The doll-style lash extensions create an illusion of a rounded eye shape. Some salons may also refer to this style as staggered extensions.

Open eye

The open-eye lash extensions style focuses on making the eyes appear wider by placing the longest lashes at the center of the eye. They get shorter around the outer and inner corners to give a rounded appearance to the eyes. They’re extremely similar to the doll-lash style but tend to be more intense.

Squirrel style

Squirrel-style lash extensions are built upon the cat eye style. They create an illusion of extremely upturned eyes through the strategic placement of longer and shorter lashes. If the lash line is divided into four parts, the longest lashes are placed in the 3rd quadrant towards the outer corner of the eye. The inner-most quadrant has the shortest lashes. This glamorous look is great for lifting the eyes and making them appear wider.

Natural eyelash

Natural lash extensions are supposed to mimic the natural pattern of your eyelashes. This usually results in a light and subtle look with a slight rounding effect. Your stylist might recommend you get kitten extensions—cat eye eyelash extensions with a more gradual and natural effect.

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