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Eyebrow Tattoo DIY: Here’s How to Tattoo Your Brows at Home

Permanent makeup for eyebrows is all the rage these days. From eyebrow tattoos to microblading and microshading, your eyebrows deserve to look stunning at all times. And fortunately, permanent makeup solves many of our eyebrow problems!

But if you’re not looking to spend up to $600 for eyebrow tattoos at a salon, here’s the good news. If you have tattooing expertise, the right tools, and confidence, you can opt for tattooing your eyebrows at home!

This post will offer you a step-by-step DIY guide to doing eyebrow tattoos at home. If you’re not sure you’re up for a DIY eyebrow tattoo, we’ll suggest some alternatives!

Step-By-Step Eyebrow Tattoo Guide

If you’re ready, here’s a guide to getting picture-perfect eyebrows at home!

Take Inspiration

Even if you go to a permanent makeup artist, you’ll be given inspiration photos so you can decide what you want. So before attempting to do your eyebrow tattoo, go to the internet and look for inspiration. Find the eyebrow style that suits you best, and get started.

Do Brow Mapping

Next up, you have to do brow mapping with the help of a stencil. Carefully mark the shape you want and then highlight it to fill in the tattoo ink. Make sure your mapping is accurate, as it will determine the precision and final result.

Numb the Area

Use a good quality numbing cream to numb the area. Although it’s said that eyebrow tattoos and other cosmetic tattoos are less painful than art tattoos, there’s no harm in giving yourself some extra comfort.

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Sterilize the Tools

Ensure your tattoo gun and needles are properly sterilized before starting the procedure. It would help if you also used good quality vinyl gloves to avoid hand contact with the sterilized area.

Start Filling in the Ink

Once you have numbed the area, start filling in the ink in the desired shape. Make an eyebrow tattoo according to the inspiration, and keep checking in between. Go slow and steady to get the best results.

Perfect the Shape

Continue filling in the ink till you have perfected the tattoo. If you’re an expert, doing an eyebrow tattoo is easier than working on an art tattoo.


Not sure if you can do your eyebrow tattoo? Here is another permanent makeup trend to consider.


Microblading is another popular brow trend that lets you flaunt fuller and thicker brows. You can opt for microblading that solves your brow problems for up to 18 months.

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