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Eight Things to Know Before Getting Permanent Makeup Tattooed

All set to become a $26 billion industry, the medical aesthetics segment is currently dominated by permanent makeup. From eyebrows to lips to eyeliners, permanent makeup products and cosmetic tattoos have dominated the American beauty industry.

But many people opt for cosmetic tattoos without knowing the right tricks and tips. This results in a bad experience, a poor job, and a long-lasting eyebrow tattoo or eyeliner tattoo you hate.

To ensure that your permanent tattoo for eyebrows, eyes, lips, and cheeks is as you wish, take a look at this blog. Before getting your first permanent makeup tattoo, continue reading to learn everything you should know.

Choose the Right Artist

If there’s one thing that should not go wrong when getting your first tattoo is the choice of PMU artist. Don’t just book an appointment with the first Google result and take your time to select a permanent makeup artist. Look for an artist who’s experienced, uses high-quality tattoo guns, and takes customer service seriously.

Ask for Past Photos and Inspiration Photos

Once you visit a PMU artist, asking for past clients’ photos is always a good idea. This will give you an idea of how good of a job a PMU artist can do. You must also ask for inspiration photos or share yours if you’re looking for a certain style of eyebrow tattoo or lip color.

Don’t Ignore the Prep Instructions

Before you get permanent makeup on your eyes, lips, cheek, or body part, you must prep for it. This includes avoiding blood thinners, alcohol, working out on the appointment day, and other protocols. Make sure to learn about the preparation tips and follow them.

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Do Focus on Aftercare

Most permanent tattoos heal within two weeks if proper aftercare is given. Learn about the aftercare for eyebrow tattoos, which differs from post-procedure care for lip color tattoos. Make sure you follow your PMU artist’s instructions to the T.

It Will Need a Touch-Up

Permanent makeup is called permanent because it takes at least five years to completely wear off. However, regular touch-ups (as directed by your PMU artist) allow you to enjoy lifelong dark brows and fuller lips without needing a daily makeup routine.

However, be wary of makeup artists who call you for touch-ups every six months. Such artists may not be doing a good job and want to mint money.

Start with a Minimalist Approach

Instead of going all in with plumper lips and dark brows, start with a minimalist approach. Opt for nude lip color tattoos or thick but lighter brows. This will allow you to change your permanent makeup according to the changing trends.

Choose the Right Time

If you’re getting married or traveling, time your appointment approximately a month before to allow proper healing. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, hold off for a while to get the procedure done.

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