4 Ways To Use A Spoolie For Better Lashes And Eyebrows

4 Ways To Use A Spoolie For Better Lashes And Eyebrows

The spoolie brush is one of the most understated heroes in the makeup world. If you don’t own one already, you’re missing out on something beautiful. Spoolies are little wand-style brushes that are usually seen with mascara and are often found alongside many eyebrow products. This ultimate fixer for your face can help you with more than just mistakes relate to your makeup.

Here are all the ways to use a spoolie:

Brushing brows

While it may seem a bit obvious, a spoolie’s first and foremost task is to help you brush your brows and make them look tidy. Taking the extra couple of minutes to brush your brows with a spoolie after applying brow pencil or powder can make all the difference between looking unkempt or polished.

Plucking brows

If your brows grow a bit wild sometimes, you’ve probably faced some difficulties in knowing where to start when it’s time to groom them. A spoolie can help you brush the unruly hairs up and away as you work at the roots and remove any hairs that ruin the perfect shape of your eyebrows.

De-clumping lashes

Everybody loves long and thick lashes that are perfectly curled up towards the heavens, but it’s challenging to achieve that perfect look with just one coat of mascara. However, you might have discovered that applying a second coat leaves your lashes looking like a clumpy and goopy mess. Instead of going through the effort of removing all the eye makeup that you applied with so much love, you can use a clean spoolie to brush your lashes through and remove excess mascara within a few sweeps.

Increase the strength of brow powder

Brow powders are usually sold with a random brush that helps you apply the product. While it works just fine while putting the powder on, it doesn’t help it stick all day. A spoolie can help you work the powder into your brows which helps it stick between the hairs and last all day.

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