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4 Ways To Say Goodbye To Sparse Brows For Good

Thin and sparse eyebrows can instantly age your face, while well-groomed and full ones can reverse your age by many years. Getting your brows to look perfect is difficult if yours have become sparse due to age, underlying medical issues, or overplucking. People lose their eyebrow hairs just like the hair on their head, and it slowly starts getting thinner and sparser after a normal growth cycle.

Here’s how you can get the right look:

Brow pencil

If you’ve noticed your eyebrow hair rapidly thinning, it might be due to an underlying medical condition or disorder, such as eczema, underactive thyroid, or alopecia. One way that you can easily transform your thin and misshapen eyebrows is to use a brow pencil to draw on individual hairs, fill in any sparse areas, and define the entire brow.

Brow serum

Overplucking is, unfortunately, a rather common mistake when it comes to grooming, and it’s one of the leading factors for hair loss. The plucked hair does grow back in, but the growth rate starts to shorten with every cycle. Areas that are prone to getting overplucked grow back thinner and shorter, which leads to thinning in the long term.

You can try using a high-quality growth serum for your brows that contain vitamins, amino acids, and plant peptides to help support new hair growth.

Tinted brow wax

If your diet is lacking in iron, or vitamins E, D, B, or A, your eyebrows are likely to start thinning. Along with maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, it’s important to darken or thicken every hair individually to make your brows look fuller. You can fake some better brows within moments with some tinted brow wax to help shape, set, and tint your natural hair.


You’ll notice the density of your brows go down with age—the hairs are still growing, but they’re going to appear more faded and thinner. You can get microblading done to mimic the look of natural hair strands through a semipermanent pigment that’s deposited onto the surface of the skin. It helps you create any arch or shape that you want, and the result can last up to three years with proper care.


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