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3 Reasons to Get Permanent Lip Makeup

Tattoo makeup, also known as permanent makeup, is an incredible cosmetic treatment that has been gaining popularity over the last few years. Apart from helping you save money and time, permanent lip tattoos can help you address many concerns regarding your aesthetics.

Here’s why you should buy pigment supplies online and get your lipstick tattooed:

Correct any asymmetry

Nobody’s face is completely symmetrical, but there’s no harm in making it seem that way. Some people’s lips are more asymmetrical than they would like, and it can throw their other facial features off-balance. Whether one side of your lip is a different shape, or if it’s much larger or thinner than the other, you might benefit from permanent lip makeup services.

Permanent lip makeup can be done in such a way that it creates the illusion of symmetry, making your lips appear more aesthetically pleasing. A professional can draw your lip line outside of the natural border of your lips while maintaining a smooth and natural look.

Make your lips appear thicker

As you age, your body naturally produces a reduced amount of collagen. This leaves people with deflated and thinning lips. You can combine permanent lip makeup with lip fillers to increase the volume and redefine your lips to create a youthful, plump look. The lip tattoo alone won’t be enough to create a smooth look, but it can still make your lips appear larger when done right.

Darken your lip color

Some people have very light-colored and pale lips that match their surrounding skin. This makes their lips unable to stand out. Instead of applying lipstick every day, you can just get a permanent lip tattoo to give your lips a pop of color.

Permanent makeup doesn’t need to be dramatic—a subtle look with natural tones can look beautiful when done by a professional. Make sure your makeup artist knows how to blend the colors properly for a soft look.


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