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3 Eyebrow Mistakes To Avoid, According To A Brow Expert

From the almost invisible eyebrows that women sported in the early 00s to the full and fluffy styles of the current decade, eyebrow styles have come a long way. Thankfully, while we aren’t plucking our eyebrows to oblivion anymore, there are a few mistakes that can be avoided to achieve the perfect arches.

Here are some of the most common mistakes you might be making when doing your eyebrows:

Aimless tweezing

Freehand tweezing is always best left to a pro. It’s okay to remove some stray hairs that seem out of place, but going at it without a plan will end up making you over-pluck and be left with messed up, asymmetrical brows that take months to grow back in.

Plan your brow shape out before you start plucking by filling it in with some eyebrow pencil and tweezing around it.

Product gets on brows

Sunscreens, serums, and cleansers are all great for your skin, but they might not have the most favorable effect on your brows. It’s important not to get any product on your brows since it can end up blocking the follicles and causing your hair to shed, preventing them from growing back. Remember to always treat your skin and hair differently.

Using a magnified mirror

We’ve all overplucked at some point in our lives, and double-sided magnified mirrors might just be the cause of our pain. Viewing your brows in a close-up mirror can make you obsess over every little detail—even a single strand of hair can alter your brow’s entire shape!

The same can be said for super bright lights or standing very close to your mirror, which can be equally risky. All these factors make you lose your perspective and overpluck. Make sure to focus on the back of your brows and keep alternating between one hair at a time.


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